Tarzan, Disney, Brice Mallier

Having studied fine arts and music in France, Brice Mallier's work in visual arts, animation,
and music spans over 30 years and 5 countries. His international experience includes
some of the most prestigious studios like Disney, Paramount, Universal and Warner.

Resume (PDF) - Phone: 818.427.1017 - Email: bricemallier@sbcglobal.net

-August 2006 to now: Lead effects animator on The Simpsons Movie
and layout effects on The Simpsons TV show (Annie Award Nomine)
-October 2015: Logo design for Korea Double Reed Society
-July 2015: Effects design for Dream East Pictures
-May-June 2015: Animation design on "DC Super Girls" at Warner
-2014-2015: Effects design on animated shorts at Cartoon Network
-March 2015: Effects design on a "Tom and Jerry" movie at Warner
-June 2013 to October 2014: Effects supervisor on The SponbeBob Movie 2
at Paramount Animation (Annie Award Nomine)
-2009-2014: OXI/Caltech Symphony Orchestra as bassoonist